As a small business owner, one term that you will hear more and more today is search engine optimization. Otherwise known as SEO, this has become an essential part of modern business practice. By transforming the way that your business is seen online, search engine optimization literally makes you easier to be seen by those looking on search engines. However, raising your SEO profile is quite a hard thing to do – at least to begin with. So, what can you do if you wish to start making some SEO changes today?

Small Business SEO Strategy

Start local

One of the worst things that you can do with SEO is to try and be too national or global. Start targeting local keywords – so, if you were a plumber, you could go for ‘plumber in LOCATION’ rather than just plain old ‘plumber’. You will get more hits if you start to target specific areas, as there is naturally less competition to overcome.

Work out not just who your small business works for, but ‘where’ as much as anything else.

Get used to change

SEO is changing all the time, so one simple SEO tip is to never think your work is done. The best SEO practice is to keep reading into SEO changes, looking for the latest must-have SEO adjustments. This is not one of the biggest industries in the world for nothing: SEO is absolutely massive.

For that reason, we recommend that you spend a lot more time looking at SEO best practice both today and tomorrow.

Always have a focus keyword

When creating an article or any kind of website content, always have one target keyword. This should be repeated naturally throughout the content. A focus keyword allows for the search engines to know exactly what you are talking about in the page and helps with indexing the content for the correct audience.

Use your focus keyword in the title of the article, the meta description, within the first paragraph and last paragraph for best results.

Always have a meta description

We mentioned above about having a meta description use your focus keyword. The meta description is the description that the search engines show about the website just underneath the page title. You should rewrite these, making sure that they can use the focus keyword once.

They are only, maximum, 160-characters long, so you have to be short, snappy and very much concise with the kind of information that you give out on this particular section.

Example of SERP Meta DescriptionGet yourself on online directories

Outside of your own content, you should look to create as many directory profile listings as possible. Simply take ‘directories in LOCATION’ for local, regional and national directories worth filling in for your business. These are often free, help with your search engine optimization and make you more visible to potential customers. Just be sure to make each directory unique to avoid any SEO penalization for duplicate content.

Keep these simple tasks and information in mind, and you should find it very simple to start making some changes to your local SEO. SEO, though, is a long-term game: if you ever need help, you should reach out to a local SEO expert.

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