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Business owners often put social media marketing as a second thought—something for an amateur to handle, rather than a strategy that builds reputation and attracts new traffic. Some even ignore the idea altogether. If you’re not tapping into that potential, getting your name out there becomes a lot more cumbersome.

But without an active social media presence, your business is doomed to fail. In fact, the rise of social media has been nothing short of astonishing in the recent years, with 2 in 3 adults using it. In addition, 71% of businesses now have Facebook presence, 59% are on Twitter, and 43% has a company blog for marketing. Facebook has more than 300 million unique visitors in a day, according to Search Engine Journal.

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How Zamerat Creative Does Social Media

At Zamerat Creative, we offer social media services in Rhode Island that attracts customers and delivers results.

Content Is King

Having a social media strategy is especially important for small to medium businesses. Facebook posts and tweets are like virtual flyers, or the online equivalent of newspaper ads, and they build brand awareness and help your SMB(Small and Medium-sized Business) form a brand identity.

Our Approach

Search engines know which websites are earning traffic and which ones are simply floating out there as well. An SEO strategy can earn you top search engine spots, but driving traffic to your page using social media will make your SERPs rankings to climb much faster.

We're A Rhode Island Social Media Agency Focused On Helping Businesses & Origination's Establish A Prominent Online Presence.

As a small business ourselves, we realize that budgets can be tight. Our pricing packages are built to maximize effectiveness at a rate a small business can’t do without.

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Our mission is to help businesses thrive by providing exceptional digital services, with full transparency.

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We offer affordable Social Media packages and abide by the latest guidelines from all major platforms.

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Our goal is to educate about the benefits of SEO & Digital Marketing. Therefore, we offer free consultations.

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Why Social Media?

As your full-service social media partner, we bring a strong advantage to your marketing strategy. Whether you need a full-service solution or simply an extension of your marketing team, we will deliver real results.

Local Traffic

If you have a local business, you need geographically-relevant traffic directed to your site which will help improve your local rankings. Local SEO increases visibility of your business online by ranking your location listing on top in local listings.

Establish Your Presence

Have your business appear in local searches, keep your business’s online listings accurate and optimized, make informed decisions based off analytics, and much more.

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Have a question about our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques? Interested in our Web Design pricing options? Want to know more about how Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can boost your search engine rankings?

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